Impact Wrestling Preview - Hogan’s Announcement

IMPACT WRESTLING Preview: Hulk Hogan’s Major Announcement

Don’t miss Thursday’s huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c, as the road to Bound For Glory on October 16 continues - with Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode and more! Can’t watch IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night? Make sure to set your DVR to record it so you don’t miss any of the action.

Here is a preview of Thursday’s broadcast:

- “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan will deliver a major announcement on Thursday’s huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c! What does Hogan have planned just weeks before Bound For Glory? Don’t miss it, as Hogan promises to drop a bombshell!

- Speaking of Hulk Hogan, his Bound For Glory opponent - “The Icon” Sting - has asked for time to get some things off his chest. In fact, rumor has it Sting wants to speak DIRECTLY to the members of Fortune! Don’t miss the start to the huge broadcast!

- Also, Fortune members will battle this Thursday as Bobby Roode will battle “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles in a huge bout! Roode will fight for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory, but first he has to make it past AJ Styles! Certainly, current World Champion Kurt Angle will be watching as he attempts to drive a wedge between the members of Fortune!

- In high-flying X-Division action, there will be a Ladder Match this Thursday on SpikeTV to determine who gets the X Championship shot against Austin Aries at Bound For Glory: Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash vs. Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion vs. Brian Kendrick

- The final “Queen’s Qualifier” takes place to determine the competitors in the Knockouts Championship match at Bound For Glory! This Thursday, Madison Rayne battles Tara, with the winner advancing to the Pay-Per-View!

- Plus, Crimson makes his return to IMPACT WRESTLING following his injury at the hands of Samoa Joe, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy continues his quest for redemption and so much more!

All this and much more on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike at 9/8c! If you can’t watch it live, make sure to set your DVR!

New Plan for BFG, Hogan Signs Endorsement Deal

- Hulk Hogan has signed an endorsement deal with Sports Nutritional Innovations to launch in October. The site will feature “feature thousands of products and top major brands, making it a one-stop shop where ‘Hulkamaniacs’ can fulfill all their nutritional needs.”

- Not many details are known yet but TNA is planning to screen the Bound For Glory pay-per-view on closed circuit in movie theaters.

- The local NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee did a story last night on the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings that were in town. Knoxville Coliseum officials claimed that the tapings were a sell out with 5,000 fans.

Orton vs. Rhodes Update, WWE Draws Sellout Crowd

— Former WCW talent Carmel Macklin (a/k/a Ms. Jones, Nitro Girl Chameleon) made her first wrestling related appearance in several years at Saturday’s Signamania wrestling convention in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. In addition to acting, she now works as a Special Education Teacher in New York City.

— Saturday’s Raw live event at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas drew a sellout crowd. Furthermore, John Cena was not advertised for the event.

— Though Randy Orton is presently involved in a program with Mark Henry, there is talk of building up another match against Cody Rhodes due to the amount of attention their match on Friday’s SmackDown garnered.

RAW Breakdown: Eight-Man Match & Sin Cara, More

- As noted before, the September 20th episode of WWE’s RAW Supershow did a 3.01 cable rating with 4.32 million viewers against lots of competition like Monday Night Football, Two and a Half Men and more.

The opening segment with CM Punk, Triple H and John Laurinaitis opened to a 3.46 rating but the eight-man match with Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Sheamus and Justin Gabriel taking on Christian, Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty lost 1,046,000 viewers. With 23% of the viewers tuning out during this match, this was the biggest segment decrease in a long time.

John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio and the segment with Hugh Jackman, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero gained 524,000 viewers while the impromptu match with Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara lost 187,000 viewers. The segment with Mark Henry, Jerry Lawler and Mark Henry gained 262,000 viewers back, which is below average for that time slot.

Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya with Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder, and the appearance by Hugh Jackman, lost 239,000 viewers. Jack Swagger’s promo video and segment with Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero, plus the backstage segment with CM Punk and John Cena lost 357,000 viewers.

The main event of Cena and Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth gained 172,000 viewers for a 2.86 rating, which is way below average for a RAW main event. The overrun this week with Triple H firing The Miz and R-Truth gained 670,000 viewers to a 3.32 rating.

WWE Network Including Top PPV’s Being Moved

- As noted the other day, WWE sent out a survey to fans seeking interest on potential new programming for the WWE Network, including moving pay-per-views to the channel. Here is the exact text from the survey, which provides a bit more insight into what might come of the network:

"Imagine a 24-hour cable network that was run by The WWE. It featured a mix of WWE-made programs, including new shows, repeats of Raw and SmackDown from USA and Syfy and "classic" or "historical" programs featuring shows from different promotions like classic WWE footage, WCW, ECW, NWA, AWA, etc. from years past.

It would have two new weekly WWE live in-ring shows (wrestling), but not SmackDown or Raw.

It would have a daily live in-studio viewer interactive show similar to SportsCenter.

Additionally, this network would include WWE’s “classic big 4” pay-per-view events including WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble to the lineup at no additional cost. Rather than having to pay for them, they would now be specials with the same match quality you’re used to seeing on pay-per-view for no additional cost. These 4 events would only be available on The WWE Network.

In addition to The WWE Network, you would receive approximately 30 additional channels including NFL Network, NBA TV, Biography Channel, Fox Business Network and Fuel TV.

How interested would you be in upgrading your service for an additional $7-$12 per month to a tier which would include the WWE Network described above?”

Tailgate with a WWE Star, Updates on Gail Kim

- WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory TV show has been renewed for a third season that will likely start in early 2012. Jesse’s son Tyrel will star on the show as an investigator.

- Gail Kim was mentioned in a press release issued last week for celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who she is engaged to. It was noted that Gail helped him find a new plastic surgeon in Florida to help him fix a problem with his eyelids that were interfering with his work and daily activities. The release referred to Gail as a professional wrestler and said the couple was busy making plans for their wedding in Napa Valley, California this spring.

Gail is still listed as a Diva on WWE’s RAW roster page.

- WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase is now doing a promotion where he will tailgate with his fans, The DiBiase Posse, before WWE shows in the city they are running in that day. Here is his video from YouTube:

FCW Spoilers: Cesaro’s Debut, Regal, Title Change

- Here are a few notable spoilers from this past Thursday’s Florida Championship Wrestling TV tapings in Florida, where they taped three upcoming episodes.

* For the October 16th episode, Kevin Hackman (Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine) was back in action, defeating Leroy Park.

* Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson, who have appeared on WWE programming recently, are going for the FCW Tag Team Titles.

* William Regal and Matt Martlaro were mostly on commentary but Eden Stiles joined them on the October 30th episode.

* Mr. Antonio Cesaro (the former Claudio Castagnoli) did an in-ring interview for the 10/16 episode and talked about winning the FCW Heavyweight Title. Cesaro used his “Very European” line.

* The October 23rd episode opened with WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel as the special ring announcer. He was interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez, which led to Ricardo losing to Leakee.

* Cesaro made his debut on the October 23rd episode, defeating Mike Dalton with the Ricola Bomb.

* For the October 30th episode, Damien Sandow defeated Seth Rollins (the former Tyler Black), two falls to one, to become the new FCW 15 Champion. Rollins was disqualified in the match after Dean Ambrose (the former Jon Moxley) attacked Sandow. Ambrose watched part of the match with popcorn and a soda.

* The main event of the October 30th episode saw Richie Steamboat and Husky Harris go to a No Contest. A big brawl happened that ended up with everyone in the ring. The show ended with Dean Ambrose and William Regal fighting and having a staredown.

Reby Sky speaks out about Matt/Jeff

Reby Sky, who is dating Matt Hardy, was interviewed by her former radio show “Busted Open” on Sirius XM radio and here are the highlights…

Reby on Matt Hardy’s online videos: “Before he posts every video I give him a talk, and I don’t want to feel like his mother or babysitter or council, but I say Matt maybe this isn’t a good idea. I tell him what I think about it, why I think that way, and he will either take it and say “okay, maybe not” or he will put it up anyway. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. He’s a very strong personality, and obviously that has gotten him to where he’s at now, that’s part of it. He does have a good formula, he takes it a little too far sometimes and gets a little caught up in the attention, but I think now he’s going to be a little smarter about what he posts.”

Reby on the rumors that she led police to Matt’s drugs: “It’s just so frustrating, because they just released something that was completely not what I said. It’s pretty clear that Matt’s been needing help, and the other day he was in a bad way and I called for help. Cops came, and all these reports are saying that I led them to some secret cave that contained prescription pills. They never found any prescription pills at all in the house, what they found was steroids. After having to go to the police station to sign all these papers, I come back to my house upside down, there is 5 men in my kitchen and I am being interrogated. Everything that they needed to find was already found. So it is just a whole bunch of hate mail: Reby you snitch, you’re a rat. At the end of the day I just wanted Matt to get help, I called for Matt to get help, and guess what? He left this morning for WWE sponsored rehab. He is getting help.”

Reby on the Jeff Hardy taser incident: “I have to laugh, because I guess just being in it, it was done for a project called the Hardy show, which you can find at It’s a variety show with skits, and parodies and stuff like that, it’s kind of like a Jackass program. That was filmed for part of a Hardy show episode. And I guess with all the Jeff stuff that was going on at the time, and the way it was spun, it was in retrospect maybe not the best idea for people who aren’t aware of the Hardy show and the content that is on there. But like I said, from now on everyone is going to be a lot more careful with anything video wise or Twitter or anything going up on the net.”

Reby on Matt Hardy returning to the ring: “A full time wrestling schedule is definitely not in the picture from now on. If you ask him, that’s what he will say led to this whole thing, the full time wrestling schedule and the toll on his body and the sacrifices he had to make. Not that I am justifying anything he has done, because I am definitely not. I will say it over and over I don’t support what he has done but I will support him in bettering himself.”

Reby on Jeff’s return to the ring: “The whole thing with Jeff, we try not to talk about it to not make Matt feel bad, but everyone is very supportive of Jeff and very happy for him. It’s good that there is someone in the group doing good things, I don’t know how to say it. Jeff is completely 180, just a real standup guy and has been so supportive in trying to help Matt in getting things right. So thank God that he is right next to us, thank God for Jeff.”

Last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling Matches

Matches for last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV include Mickie James vs. Brooke Tessmacher, Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries for the X Division Title and James Storm vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in a non-title match.

Ric Flair To Undergo Suergery For Torn Triceps

TNA star Ric Flair is set to undergo surgery to repair a torn left triceps muscle - an injury he sustained during his recent match with Sting on Impact Wrestling.

Flair was originally told the injury was a broken bursa sac in his elbow, but it’s only gotten worse since the match.

“I thought it was getting better but the swelling just wouldn’t go away,” Flair told on Wednesday night.

Flair, who was at Boston’s Fenway Park on Tuesday to throw out the first pitch and present Red Sox players Dustin Pedroia and Josh Reddick with replica TNA title belts, said the pain has only gotten worse in recent days. “When I threw Tuesday, the arm blew up to about twice the size of the other arm. It’s all black and blue.”

Considering the fact that Flair’s legendary career has spanned nearly four decades - wrestling’s Nature Boy has remained injury-free for the majority of that run.

“I’ve never torn anything in my life except my rotator cuff,” he said. “I just landed on it wrong. And that just comes from not working enough. But it’s no big deal. It could have been a thousand other worse things.”

Reby Sky Says She Was Coerced By Police

Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, Reby Sky, claims North Carolina police coerced her into providing evidence against Hardy in order to arrest him last Wednesday.

The 25-year-old model tells TMZ officers “intimidated” and “threatened her” to in order to gain information on Hardy’s collection of prescription drugs after he was rushed to the hospital for an “adverse drug reaction.” Sky’s information to police was enough to obtain a search warrant, which led to Hardy’s arrest.

Police raided Hardy’s home when he was not home. Sky returned home from the hospital to find police at his house after conducting a raid. She says they “threatened her with jail” if she did not provide more information following the investigation. Sky then showed officers Hardy’s “secret safe” containing prescription painkillers.

Sky, who called 911 because Hardy was “strung out on drugs,” tells TMZ she would have kept her mouth shut at the station if she knew police were accumulating evidence for the warrant — adding, she “would never do anything to put [Matt] in a compromising position with the law.”

Update On Hulk Hogan’s Big Announcement

TNA star Hulk Hogan has posted a message on Twitter that spoils a future TNA storyline. Hogan announced at last week’s Impact tapings from Orlando that he’s retiring and he’d give more information at TNA’s next Impact taping from Knoxville, Tennesse, which takes place tomorrow night.

Hogan tweeted the following on Tuesday, revealing exactly what will be going down in Knoxville:

"Pumped up for the IMPACT tapings in Knoxville tomorrow,the formal ending to my long career,thanks maniacs. HH"

"Huge celebration in Knoxville tomorrow at Civic Collesium ,all full time maniacs are invited,time to thank everyone and say goodbye. HH"

Hogan had been scheduled to wrestle Sting at Bound For Glory in a match that’s been planned for over a year. That match will no longer take place as a singles match, as it’s been discussed that at least one more person will be added to the match or it will be come a tag match.

News on Angle vs. Roode, Bischoff Good with Spike

- Stan sent word that there was 39 minutes and 4 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

- Eric Bischoff has reportedly gained more power within TNA as of late as his relationship with Spike TV is said to be better than ever.

- The decision has been made to push Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode big time as the top Bound For Glory main event. There were some within the company upset with TNA pulling the Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match that has been teased for well over a year now.

There’s still no word yet on what kind of match Sting and Hogan will participate in or who the third person in a three-way might be. For what it’s worth, some still believe that Hogan will end up wrestling the singles match against Sting.